Monday, 23 June 2008


So it was Go Skateboarding Day at the park, and there was a Fly Boi Society session all over the place, but obviously the local dudes killed it in a legit manner. A 14 year old kid won the O.E. Invitational Game of SKATE. We basically stayed there all day and skated well after the hoopla was over.

Sadly I didnt get many skate photos of anyone on my camera, but my friend Trevor snapped this one real quick. Thanks Trevor!

Urban Animal Chin

Prize bag

Merch table

Hall of Meat

Frontside feeble hours and roughly a litre of malt liquor later

Old paper mill

Indiana Jurkiewicz and the Tomb of Nefertitty

3 Days later He was risen


James is a plant lover

My gross shins


Delicious potato salad and no forks

I caught this

Jacob's amazing setup