Thursday, 5 June 2008


If you've ever seen this guy live, its a great time. There's no ego, no boundary between the crowd and him. I argued with him over some shit about 50 Cent. I think we agreed, I'm not sure.

7 years ago or so, a friend of mine taped most of Amethyst Rockstar off the radio late one night, and we proceeded to bump it in our friend's hooptie for about a year and half with no idea who it was, just glad to know it existed. It was pretty mindblowing shit considering everything else that was out.

Three albums later NiggyTardust, produced by Trent Reznor, was released November of last year for free on his website, with a PDF of artwork and linear notes, or if you were so inclined you had the option of paying $5 US for it, in which you'd get the choice of mp3 format (192 or 320 Kbps). 154,449 people had chosen to download . Of that number, 28,322 people chose to pay the five bucks, totaling $141,610 in sales. Record labels need to smarten up.

In recent weeks he's caught shit over one of his songs, List of Demands, appearing in a Nike commercial. All his fans went apeshit thinking the dude had sold them out, when essentially Nike bought into him. To simplify his explanation of the situation: The paradigm is shifting, and corporations realize that if they don't get with an ethical program, the market won't support them any longer.

Here he is on The Wake Up Show, in moccasins, calling out rap for being 90% bullshit:

Here's the movie that helped jumpstart his career, 1998's Slam. He's really quite good in it. Pretty tight Eye of Providence jersey.

Saul Williams - Twice the First Time
Saul Williams - Purple Pigeons
Saul Williams - Lalala
Saul Williams - Penny for a Thought
Saul Williams - Grippo
Saul Williams - Black Stacey