Thursday, 14 August 2008




Lil' Weezy. Where to start? High school videos of him as the Tinman is cute. Stories of him accidently shooting himself while posing in a mirror with a pistol are pretty hilarious. This obviously receives honorable mention:That dude in the background there is noticeably perturbed.
And yet all of this shit is only a fifth as silly as his music is. It's straight doodoo. Only someone perpetually zooted off cough syrup and kush, like Lil' Wayne himself, could think he's 'one of the greatest'. I dare you to youtube some shit and not feel secondhand embarrassment. All this recent success is like an awful practical joke. Is everyone actually loving this dude or just dumbing out? Are you laughing with Wayne, or at him?

His upcoming releases include a duet album with Juelz Santana called 'I Can't Feel My Face', and I'm not even making that shit up. As well as an album with vocoder-dependent T-Pain (the R&B robot), under the name T-Wayne.

Jigga Man, stop being pussywhipped, the people need you.

De La Soul - Supa Emcees

KRS-ONE - Build Ya Skillz f. Busta Rhymes

Sauce Money - Pre-Game Remix f. Jay-Z