Sunday, 28 September 2008



Nas has a new album. As of a month ago I guess. My expectations were low after Street's Disciple was half good rap and half love jams constantly reminding me he married Kelis. Then Hip-Hop Is Dead came out and was pretty mediocre. The first single reused the same beat from Theif's Theme, the big single from the previous album. Lame. I saw him live and it was pretty unspectacular. After the show sold out so quickly, a second show was set up previous to the one I had got tickets for. So Nas came out 2 hours late, did 30 seconds of each of his songs, apologized that he couldn't do more verses, and then finished his quick set. I felt like I got hustled. A guy also puked on my friend's pantleg. I guess he couldn't handle all the excitement either.

Years ago when I heard him and Jigga were in a beef I was confused as to who I was to root for. Who was more O.G.? Both were claiming to be God MC. It confused me like the concept of the Holy Trinity when I was 10 years old. Ok, Nas is God's Son, Jay-Z is Jehovah, so the Holy Spirit is some Bed-Stuy endo smoke?

Nas definitely won that one. Ether was a super personal, Freudian diss, where as Jiggaman went the more conventional route of I'm Better Than You shit. Nas psyched him out I guess, a punch below the belt somewhat.
And then a few years later , like his spiritual namesake, Hova signs him to Def Jam, showing his all-forgiving capacity. My brain exploded and rap had officially become faker than the WWF.

Nas is pretty corny now. Jay-Z is obviously the equivalent of Jordan on the Wizards. Although my interest in both of their current careers is pretty low, I do still study their classic gems. Here's a little mixtape of quasi-rare shit, complete with a little cover graphic I made pour vous.

Nastradoomus - Life We Chose
Nastradoomus - Family
Nastradoomus - Come Get Me
Nas - Purple
Nas - Understanding
Kool G. Rap - Fast Life (remix) f. Nas
Nas - Live at the BBQ
Nas - Life is Like A Dice Game
Nas - Deja Vu
Nas - Nas is Like
Nas - Zone Out (Madlib Remix)
Wake Up Show Anthem '94 f. Nas, Lauryn Hill, Prince Po, Shyheim, others