Thursday, 6 November 2008



It was my birthday yesterday.
I bought some art shit and Jacob and I kicked around Toronto.
We also verbally illustrated an off Broadway play about vagrants, "C'est La Derelicts". My french pluralization is way off, but the set design was second to none. There is live pigeons onstage, and roughly 300 extras to act as pedestrians, walking across the stage just once.

I would imagine every ticket would be $1,000 and there would only be one showing. There's more to it but I will leave it at that.

So Barack Obama won, a result obvious weeks ago. I hope he lives up to all the Hope (hype). I think everyone is just too excited by all the rhetoric. G.W. Bush ran his first campaign with non-intervention as one of the main points of his platform and look at the follow-through there. Obama's $640,000,000 campaign basically redefined 'lobbyist' so the dude could brag as to how he isn't taking special interest money, to show how he's 'taking back Washington.' That's not even slick.

Also, for anyone that only pays attention to kookery, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Obama and George Bush are 11th cousins, and Obama and Cheney are 9th cousins once removed. What in the shit?

Public Enemy - Check What Ya Listenin To

Mos Def & Talib Kweli - Make It All Better f. Q-Tip

This song is dedicated to James Abraham's Corroding Liver:

Xzibit - Alkaholik f. Erick Sermon, J-Ro & Tash