Tuesday, 9 December 2008




Thats right, Fuck Al Gore. How the fuck on earth did he win a Nobel Peace Prize for his shitty documentary? Seriously.

To start from the beginning, the dude is the V.P. under Bill Clinton for 8 years, with no real environmental legislation occurring during this time. He symbolically signed the Kyoto Protocol, however, such a signing was not legally binding without the Senate and nothing was done to make it a reality.

He won the 2001 presidential election and then cowered to G.W.B. and his father's cronies in the Supreme Court because he was a total pussy, pissing all over the democratic process and in effect disenfranchising the very people that supported him. Epic fail! Then 5 years later he has the nerve to come out with a book and film based on a PowerPoint slideshow chastizing the American people for not being aware of the eminent threat of global warming. Wow. Maybe if Al Gore had a backbone and acted out his 4 years of presidency he could have put all these wonderful environmental changes in place. Maybe this film was motivated by his own guilt for doing absolutely fuck all when he had more than enough chances.

I was blown away by how utterly bullshit that documentary was. Great that you're using charts and graphs and crane elevators Al, but you failed to give any real numbers or figures. It's important to provide a legend with such visual aides, so it's not just meaningless shapes and colours.

Between all these useless graphs the film was laden with personal moments from Al Gore's life that really have absolutely nothing to do with climate change, and are moreso just cheap attempts to pull at viewers' heart strings. To top it all off he is driving around in a fucking Chevy Suburban for the whole thing, going state to state, spreading the word in the most fuel inefficient piece of shit made.

How he won a Nobel Peace Prize for this is simply mind blowing. It's not an Oscar award. It's not a Guinness World Record for juggling fire with a tarantula in your mouth. Fuck you Al Gore.

Raekwon - Glaciers Of Ice

Prince - Purple Rain

D.L. Incognito - Universal Love