Sunday, 31 August 2008


Spent the whole of yesterday from 10:30 am onwards, at Dunbat. Vortex immersement doesn't come much more complete than that. Unless I slept in a tree there or something. My heel is raw as fuck.

Here's some Percee P songs. I used to drink a massive strong blend coffee and then basically convulse with hyperness on the way to school, while listening to this. Lord Finesse is such a hero.

Percee P. - Rematch in Patterson Projects f. Lord Finesse

Percee P. - Throwback Rap Attack

Wednesday, 27 August 2008


I haven't been near a computer as of late. Here are some photos from the last few days of skateboarding, etc. Missioned about the city looking for spots. Went to the Beach one day. The seagulls are pretty brazen. Drank beers while the police took evidence photos of a stabbing on the sidewalk below. It was all taped off. I saw a 5 foot long puddle of blood. Gnarly.

We now return to my sleep deprived broadcast.

Fresh vanilla kicks


new setup, with shitty griptape

I got a good warmup spot for you.

Deep in the heart of the Vortex.

Hall of Meat:

Cruise Rules Everything Around Me

Pacewon & Mr. Green - Who I Am
Pacewon & Mr. Green - Children Sing

Pacewon has a new album out with some dude named Mr. Green. It's alright, I prefer the slightly grimier shit from days of yore though.

This shit is untouchable.
Pacewon - You
Pacewon - I Declare War

Wednesday, 20 August 2008


So basically I'm lacing a gem of a legal nature from an incident a few years ago.

I bought a capgun on the way to get some coffee, fired off a few rounds and a woman driving by freaked. Five minutes later I'm on a bus heading downtown with friends and see 3 police cruisers heading against traffic, pulling over the bus. Noone knows what the hell is going on except for myself and the posse.

So I basically had to remain seated while these cops scan the bus and finally find me. "YOU! PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE WINDOW! SLOWLY TAKE OUT THE GUN! KEEP, KEEP YOUR HANDS ON THE WINDOW!!" How the fuck am I suppose to take out the (cap)gun genius? Jesus. I'm pretty sure I was saying "ItsacapgunItsacapgunItsacapgun." I didn't really want to move around too much, cause they were being really serious on some Tom Clancy shit, and I didn't want to get my head blown off.

So 6 hours later, handcuffed, 100 feet underground in the Ottawa Police Station, I'm being cussed out by some Joan Rivers-ass-bitch telling me she would have shot me on sight. Really? Go fuck yourself. I hung up the phone on a lawyer and ignored the BigMac Meal in my cell, cold as hell while I scratched my name into the wall (gangster shit). They beat up the homeless guy next to me for yelling "Fuck Off!" for 4 hours straight. Finally! That dude wouldn't shut the fuck up!

A month later I was able to get my skateboard out of the Evidence Depot way out in God Knows Where, Ottawa, Ontario. I came home from Christmas break with a court subpoena on my door. I also found out I had left my oven on for 2 weeks. Which was ok because the fact that it didn't melt through the floor and burn down my apartment building made me feel better about the subpoena.

So this woman tried to ruin my life because she is a 'sensitive' kook and got cold feet in her wedding, bitch, etc., and to be honest I ended up bullshitting the community service hours. Here is her Victim Statement. I wish I was able to write her an Offender's Statement.

Letter of Insanity

And that was just me going out to get a coffee one morning. Imagine if I actually tried to ruin someone's life?

KRS-ONE - Neva Hadda Gun

Monday, 18 August 2008


Another Godard great.

Thursday, 14 August 2008




Lil' Weezy. Where to start? High school videos of him as the Tinman is cute. Stories of him accidently shooting himself while posing in a mirror with a pistol are pretty hilarious. This obviously receives honorable mention:That dude in the background there is noticeably perturbed.
And yet all of this shit is only a fifth as silly as his music is. It's straight doodoo. Only someone perpetually zooted off cough syrup and kush, like Lil' Wayne himself, could think he's 'one of the greatest'. I dare you to youtube some shit and not feel secondhand embarrassment. All this recent success is like an awful practical joke. Is everyone actually loving this dude or just dumbing out? Are you laughing with Wayne, or at him?

His upcoming releases include a duet album with Juelz Santana called 'I Can't Feel My Face', and I'm not even making that shit up. As well as an album with vocoder-dependent T-Pain (the R&B robot), under the name T-Wayne.

Jigga Man, stop being pussywhipped, the people need you.

De La Soul - Supa Emcees

KRS-ONE - Build Ya Skillz f. Busta Rhymes

Sauce Money - Pre-Game Remix f. Jay-Z

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Nicky is next level. Backside tailslide attempt on a really slippery marble ledge on Spadina. The run up is downhill and security kicked us out 5 minutes later, so instead of him landing it I got this photo of this back foot step off, and I think this spot is capped now. Shitty.

Q-Tip - FunkMaster Flex Freestyle

Pete Rock - Verbal Murder 2 f. Big Pun, Common & N.O.R.E.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Devil's Blood to spark the sesh

Zoltan was egged mid sesh, he was also egged the following day. What the fuck Zoltan.

Too bad we didn't have water

Jacob is an asshole. Frontside noseslide.

New setup

Hall of Meat: Ultimate Shinner

A few hours later you couldn't tell Zoltan's calf from his shin.

Saw Nolan on Yonge St.

I get my skate news on the train ride home, of course.

De La Soul & Teenage Fanclub - Fallin'

Friday, 1 August 2008


A fictional album cover I guess. Everyone last summer was either a cholo or a vato.

Paul Simon - I Know What I Know

Diamond D - 50 Wayz f. Big C