Sunday, 28 September 2008



Nas has a new album. As of a month ago I guess. My expectations were low after Street's Disciple was half good rap and half love jams constantly reminding me he married Kelis. Then Hip-Hop Is Dead came out and was pretty mediocre. The first single reused the same beat from Theif's Theme, the big single from the previous album. Lame. I saw him live and it was pretty unspectacular. After the show sold out so quickly, a second show was set up previous to the one I had got tickets for. So Nas came out 2 hours late, did 30 seconds of each of his songs, apologized that he couldn't do more verses, and then finished his quick set. I felt like I got hustled. A guy also puked on my friend's pantleg. I guess he couldn't handle all the excitement either.

Years ago when I heard him and Jigga were in a beef I was confused as to who I was to root for. Who was more O.G.? Both were claiming to be God MC. It confused me like the concept of the Holy Trinity when I was 10 years old. Ok, Nas is God's Son, Jay-Z is Jehovah, so the Holy Spirit is some Bed-Stuy endo smoke?

Nas definitely won that one. Ether was a super personal, Freudian diss, where as Jiggaman went the more conventional route of I'm Better Than You shit. Nas psyched him out I guess, a punch below the belt somewhat.
And then a few years later , like his spiritual namesake, Hova signs him to Def Jam, showing his all-forgiving capacity. My brain exploded and rap had officially become faker than the WWF.

Nas is pretty corny now. Jay-Z is obviously the equivalent of Jordan on the Wizards. Although my interest in both of their current careers is pretty low, I do still study their classic gems. Here's a little mixtape of quasi-rare shit, complete with a little cover graphic I made pour vous.

Nastradoomus - Life We Chose
Nastradoomus - Family
Nastradoomus - Come Get Me
Nas - Purple
Nas - Understanding
Kool G. Rap - Fast Life (remix) f. Nas
Nas - Live at the BBQ
Nas - Life is Like A Dice Game
Nas - Deja Vu
Nas - Nas is Like
Nas - Zone Out (Madlib Remix)
Wake Up Show Anthem '94 f. Nas, Lauryn Hill, Prince Po, Shyheim, others

Friday, 26 September 2008


Just got a new computer. It is very nice.
So more regular posts from now on. I have a ton of photos and other shit but I just haven't uploaded them yet.

All this $700 billion dollar pay-out bullshit has been pretty entertaining/disgusting though.

Gil Scott Heron - Billy Green Is Dead

Thursday, 18 September 2008


One of my worst fears my entire life was having a nail ripped off, and rightfully so, since it's a horrible and disgusting thing to occur.

A few years ago I was on the verge of learning switch 360 flips. Like I had been running nollie tre flips for a while, so I was pretty confident I had this shit. I was landing them but I was just figuring out how to avoid that awkward 5 degree turn thing that happens.

Then the board came around took my toenail off. Fucking halfcabs. Took off my shoe and my sock was soaked in blood. It wasn't so bad, I think the shock lessened the pain.

july22 019

It was gnarly though. Like A week later I was skating, and the toenail was basically on a hinge, connected just at the cuticle. Very gross.

I think this was taken like 5 months later. Damn that is freakish.
healing toe

My toenail grew in properly, after 8 months and I've never seriously tried a switch 360 flip since that day.

*Also I fell asleep on the GO train last night and woke up in a train maintenance yard in the middle of nowhere at 2:30 in the morning. Great night!

Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man

Saturday, 13 September 2008


So my computer was totally fucked. It is now resurrected, after much formatting and installing of drivers and all that shite. The sound doesn't work yet though.

This new Italian documentary on 9/11 was aired on Russian tv during primetime hours last night, followed by a lengthy debate. An estimated 30 million people saw it. Apparently by next year there will be an independent investigation in New York City, under its charter revision initiative law, which has the jurisdiction to create a commission to investigate 9/11.

Ghetto Concept - Krazy World