Wednesday, 4 February 2009



Hollywood, in all it's infinite wisdom has chosen to retell the life of Christopher Wallace, better known as the Notorious B.I.G.

I love Big Poppa, don't get me wrong, but this flick is the last straw in the hype that is his career. He came out with one fucking album. One. If Puff Daddy wanted me to believe that Biggie was the fat, black Jeff Buckley of rap then he should have never put out Life After Death. That album is shit. After that, Puffy released Born Again, which was also shitty and featured songs with people Biggie never knew and many say probably wouldn't have liked.

Obviously he made one of the better albums in hip-hop's heyday of the early 90's, but that achievement itself wasn't all his own. He borrowed his slang from Rae, Ghost and Nas, and his album concept from 2Pac. Puff Daddy was the magical shiny suit A&R guy that gave him the push he needed, breathing on his songs and going so far as to be a background dancer in his music videos.

And so here we have another Puff Daddy executive produced project, yet another Bad Boy fundraiser with Biggie's name stamped on it. They didn't even get that Guerilla Black dude for the lead role, epic fail!

Biggie - Everyday Struggle (demo)
Biggie - Mac's & Dons
Biggie - Biggie Got That Hype Shit
Biggie - Come On f. Sadat X
Jay-Z - Brooklyn Go Hard
Mr. Cheeks - Reminisce 2003 f. Pete Rock, Journalist, C.L. Smooth