Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Y2K + 9



First up, the Ipod Touch. I don't know what happened to this thing. It's pretty much new and it's already broke. If I recall correctly I got a little beer in it, and the wifi stopped working. Then a week after that it went into this coma of perpetually asking to be connected to iTunes. Not even iTunes can save you! I need to mail this back to be fixed while the warranty is still good.


Next up is the Ipod Video, reduced to being a 30 GB Shuffle with some kind of M.I.A. album art screensaver that changes from time to time. This piece of shit also has a warranty on it, expiring sometime soon I would imagine.


No real qualms with this device, just mentioning it because it's the only one that actually works.



Rest In Pieces of Shit, Canon PowerShot A95.
This pup 'jumped' out of my pocket numerous times. One time it fell apart and made this popping noise, like something burst inside of it, but it was still ok. The housing unit was fully busted off, which is a bitch because it was just plastic painted metallic, so it wasn't strong at all. The memory card door was busted off too, so in order for it to turn on I had a matchstick jammed in the little crevice above it. But a few weeks ago it put itself out of it's own misery I suppose, just wouldn't turn on at all. Lame.