Friday, 2 July 2010



Twitter saves lives apparently!

No iced frappuccinos today, sorry.

The Charter of Rights & Freedoms heads west!

Civil rights party!

Hey get down from there!

Imperial geniuses.

Roaming charges.

So last weekend the city of Toronto was graced with the presence of the world's leaders and boy did their private little function raise hell. With the cost of the summit meetings extending well over a billion dollars, many people asked why is it that 14 year old girls are fully aware of the usefulness of Skype while the leaders of the industrialized world remain clueless. It's a good question. I hope someone at least sniffed out what kind of cologne Barack O'Drama wears..

So the entire city was essentially put in danger, potentially at least. I mean, noone died, but shit could have popped off in a heartbeat. 900 or so people were arrested, completely arbitrarily in most cases. Any combination of the following would put you in the clink for the night: too close to a line of coppers, yelling, wearing black, had a backpack, wore a bandana, looking like a skid, etc, etc.

I mean people were reportedly beat down, some girl got shot in the face with a rubber bullet, but no one died. God forbid there was a diabetic in the detention centre, as people received only water for 22 hours or however long they were detained each. Cops are morons.

On the Saturday protestors were in abundance, legitimate protestors, not onlookers. They had stormed downtown, flanked the heavily clad riot officers and made their way to the front lines of the fence insulating the G20 meetings. The whole "Black Bloc" bullshit makes me mental. I mean, what, 20 windows or so were smashed or spraypainted on.. not really an organized anarchist faction so much as just a little group of skids trying to have fun smashing shit when they know they can get away with it. If you ask me not enough shit got destroyed. It's a relative surety that the 3 police cruisers that were destroyed and burned were decoys by the police. They were on Queen St., just north outside of the G20 zone, several blocks away from the fence, were left to burn hours apart, with no exploding gas tanks or shotguns shells in the trunk. It's perfectly feasible to suggest they let 3 junkers burn as some kind of caveman distraction tactic on the main day of the protests.

The Sunday was a different story. No protestors about in the downtown core at all. There was a hundred or so people gathered at the detention centre protesting the mass inane arrests, but at the very spot those cruisers were burning it was normal Sunday Queen West foot traffic, moseying along, shopping as though not much had happened. And then the riot clad police stormed the Queen & Spadina intersection, blocking off each side of the street, even boxing people in, on "reports of black bloc members heading that way!". What followed was onlookers and normal foot traffic pooling up at every side and the media labelling them 'roving protests'. Mind numbing retardation.

In summation: Utter Bullshit!

2012! Here we come!

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