Thursday, 31 March 2011




Your favourite rapper's favourite despot.

Gucci sweaters, the sunglasses, la famalia gone wild, entourage (read: continent) hitting you up for funds, bringing Mariah Carey around the mansion.. if someone found a song called "Sean Paul - Zagga Zagga Zow f. Mad Lion & Gadaffi Qaddhafi" on KaZaa from 10 years ago, I wouldn't even be the slightest bit surprised! This dude is really doin' it!

Apparently the rebel army numbers are peaking at just over 1,000. Engineer students and the like, supposedly. They didn't have time to start a facebook group? I thought 'all these countries' were all about twittering their griefs? No E-protesting here?

So why is the news telling me the whole country is going apeshit when it's basically The Great Libyan Nerd Putsch. I guess any reason to call in the World Police: Morality & Politics Division on anyone sitting on a substantial amount of oil is good enough these days. Just point your finger and they're there! I like the explanation of the "warmth of democracy spreading in the hearts of the Middle Eastern people". Oh that 's rich. Really.

Either or, short of assassination, the dude isn't going anywhere. He's sitting on a mound of cash, oil, our chart topping R&B stars, with the shitstorm of Iraq insulating him from any substantial (American) ground invasion.

The rap lifestyle can only last so long, but I don't think this is the crack in Gaddafi's belly.

Celebrate subliminal thugism and download the mixtape below: