Tuesday, 11 October 2011


So the media blackout on Occupy Wall Street is coming back to bite corporate interest in the ass and when it reaches it's boiling point it's probably going to get ugly. A reaction that is probably 10 years overdue.

In this clip Kevin O'Leary takes his asshole personality to a CBC news show, embarrassing Canadians and adults alike, acting like a child, conducting the interview completely ignorantly and unprofessionally, the benefit of which is to have him expose what a dunce he is, as well as showing how media savvy people are nowadays with their airtime, due to the American style of "news commentators". Chris Hedges is on point and ready for this Tourette's style of "journalism".

#OccupyWallStreet seems like perfect timing for Ron Paul, who's also experiencing his own media blackout in the Republican candidate race, as he has been raising many of the same major issues as the protestors for the past few years. How Obama avoids any real heat is beyond me. Wall Street paved his way to the White House. The dude's foremost solution to fix the economy was to fix roads.. Seriously? Roads? Construction workers are going to reinvigorate your country's massively fucked up and outsourced manufacturing sector? There is obviously no easy solution to the trappings of the U.S. service based economy, and unless the Chinese are in dire straights of mail order McDonald's, Obama is going to have to put in some actual work and flex some muscle.

Either dismantle Wall Street or dismantle your massive military, you broke asses can't afford both running you into the ground forever.