Thursday, 13 December 2012


Sorry to say I wasn't surprised when I felt second hand embarrassment at the premiere for being an adult skateboarder, witnessing what I can only describe as the highest caliber of corny ass shit. In what I can imagine as being second only to high budget snowboard videos, both the skating and the editing are over the top wacky and tasteless.

Fully Flared 2 featured some of the worst ledge dancing, unnecessary spinning, THPS combo bullshit etc., all set to the worst music you can imagine. I understand the 36 year old reformed crack smoker coming back to film an entire part was a landmark, but Ty Evans' attempt to make it into some kind of emotional tour de force really cheesed it up.

Compounded by the fact it was basically this dude's part. And I love Guy Mariano, but please, lazer flips out of everything? Pretty Gross.

On the flip side of the coin, Pontus Alv is doing shit proper. Here's the latest Polar promo.

In Search of the Miraculous is an awesome skate flick/documentary too.